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Meet Cali...

Sweet Southern Cali Girl aka 'Cali' is an AKC registered Standard Poodle. She is three years old and has a unique and stunning apricot and brown phantom coat pattern. She carries two copies of the at genotype which simply means she will likely pass on tan points to her puppies like those on a Dobermann or Rottweiler. When crossed with Brisby, she has produced beautiful blue and tan merles, reds, traditional black and white, brown and white and tri-colored pups! They have all been so extremely intelligent and affectionate just like mommy and daddy! Cali weighs 48 pounds and is considered small for a Standard poodle, which is the reason why the first breeder sold her. I found Cali in Mississippi after an extensive search for a young, healthy registered female poodle that had the same sweet temperament as Brisby in hopes of breeding her one day. She has been all of that plus some! I call her my 'velcro dog' because no matter what I am doing and regardless of what is going on, she is always right at my side. Loving doesn't even begin to describe her... and those beautiful eyes can see right into your soul! She is an absolute perfect companion and is always ready for a game of fetch, or just a relaxing nap with her head on your lap. Cali is also beyond smart and learns commands after only a few times of telling her. She is the true embodiment of a poodle: athletic, kind, intelligent, emotional, well mannered, loyal and most of all affectionate... I think deep in her heart she wishes she were a toy poodle so that she could curl up on my lap all day! She is the best mommy to her puppies!

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