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Meet Lyla....

Friday Night Lyla aka 'Lyla' is an AKC registered Standard Poodle. She has a desirable deep red coat and chocolate brown eyes. She is 2 years old but we've had her since she was 10 weeks old .... I fell in love with her at first sight! She is such a joy to be around... happiness and excitement ooze from her and she will even flash you a big smile as she wiggles and begs for attention. She is very special and has an air about her. She is such a beautiful, affectionate and active dog that spends most of her days exploring, hunting moles and playing with her big sisters Cali & Gina. I feel that she is a show quality poodle with great bone structure and confirmation and she always carries herself so proudly. She too has the intelligence to match Brisby and Cali and she learned to "sit and stay" within a week of bringing her home. Lyla is every bit the loving, intelligent, sensitive girl that I was hoping for! Just having her around brightens up the farm! She is also a wonderful mommy and loves all puppies...even if they're not hers!

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