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Clementine has exceeded our expectations in more ways than I can count. We knew that a Bordoodle would be a smart and athletic dog which is why we chose the breed, but she is so much more than that. She is sweet, friendly, obedient and beyond cute. As a family of 5 with young children, Clementine has fit in perfectly. We are all just crazy about her. From the moment I met Jennifer and Cali and Brisby I knew we were making the right choice. Jennifer was a dream to work with from the beginning and continues to support us and check in. We feel beyond lucky to have Clem as a part of our family! 

Lauren A. Ohio

March 2023


Only six short days into living with us, Stevie has had 0 (!!) accidents in the house, now sleeps through the night, knows her name, sits and waits to meet people and at any threshold, and comes when called. She's also picking up on loose leash walking already, and when we go for a drive in the car, she settles within minutes and goes to sleep, even on very bumpy Vermont dirt roads. She's being mostly calm and respectful around the cat, and she loves to snuggle.

Julia T.  Vermont

May 2023


Lucy has been the best addition to our little family. She is incredibly smart, easygoing, and so affectionate. We really couldn't have asked for anything more in your raising her in preparation of coming home with us. ❤️

Natalie & Quenton S. Indiana

March 2023


JoJo has been doing such a good job with her at home training! She already knows 5 commands (@ 3 months) and she's working on 2 more! She's so smart and such a good girl we feel so blessed to have her in our lives. We couldn't imagine our family without having JoJo! She made our family complete thanks to you! 

Carly T. Ohio

March 2023


Beth is such a sweet girl, she melts my heart. First thing in the morning and anytime I come home she comes right up to me, wanting to be loved on and hugged! When I last picked her up from the groomer I believe that she ran up and hugged me! She is so fun! And follows the kids everywhere. We just love her so much!

Lindsey H. Ohio

February 2023


Trey is absolutely wonderful, we just love him to pieces. He loves people and every day we get compliments on how sweet and well behaved he is! He's friendly, playful and so sweet. We can never get another dog because he is just the best! Every day he plays with the neighbor dog a few doors down and they are the best of friends! Life is just better with Trey in it! He brings a smile to all of our faces. Every. Single. Day.

Deanna A.  Illinois

January 2023

IMG_20221107_170619032_HDR (2).jpg

We got the sweetest lil boy from Brisby’s! He is absolutely the best pup and we love him so much. Hasn’t shed one piece of fur yet. just the sweetest temperament and soooo playful. Also so smart, and loves making his humans happy! They def raises these pups with love, and makes the whole process easy and exciting. I would absolutely recommend Brisby’s to all of my friends and family.

Amanda & Tyler H.  Ohio

November 2022

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