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I am so very happy with my puppy from Brisby Bordoodles! Jen made the process of picking and purchasing a pup so easy right from the start. Once inquiring with her I was added to the wait-list for an upcoming litter. She texted updates to me directly including the ultrasound results before the puppies were born and then texted me the day they were born with pictures. It was great feeling involved in the whole process. She always posts daily updates about the pups on Facebook and will also text with direct updates. Once I picked my pupppy she would text me pictures and videos of him regularly. I had a whole folder of pictures of him before I even picked him up, which was so great!! She does so much with the pups on a daily basis. When I got him he had already knew how to sit and even was responsive to his name. The pups are well socialized and so sweet. My puppy is Comet (Rudolph from

 the Holiday Litter born Nov 2023). He's so well behaved with kids and other dogs. He loves riding in the car and likes going places either to stores or to our local brewery to hang out. He's able to stay at places for several hours without causing a fuss and everyone compliments him on being such a good boy. He is also the cutest looking puppy, amazing coloring and all. Comet is my first puppy I've had on my own and can't imagine a better one! Thank you so much to Brisby Bordoodles for such a special pup!! This is an amazing breed and Brisby Bordoodles does it right as a breeder! I recommend them to everyone!

Kristen C, Pennsylvania

April 2024


We Couldn't be happier with our puppy Mando from Brisby Bordoodles and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a bordoodle. We came from out of state and Jennifer was great at keeping us updated on Cali's pregnancy as well as how the puppies were progressing. Jennifer stayed in contact by sending us pictures of each pup and even set up a video call so we could meet them before choosing our bud Mando! Mando has a very loving and playful personality. He is very smart and easy to train. He came home with us at 9 weeks and was already crate trained. He never whines or cries when he has to go into his crate and he sleeps from 9pm - 7am since the first day we brought him home. We also haven't noticed any shedding whatsoever, which is amazing considering his long, fluffy hair!

From the first time I reached out to Jennifer, she was very responsive. Jennifer remains in contact even after we brought Mando home. Her dedication and love for these puppies is endless. She is always happy to anser any training questions I come across. Our vet was even impressed when we brought him for his puppy shots because he wasnt even slightly bothered by his checkup. This is all due to Jennifer's hard work at socializing the pups early and getting them comfortable joining a new family.

Mary P. New York

December 2023


We are so in love with our Brisby Bordoodle! Eleanor (Elle) is our first family pet and we couldn’t have ask for a better addition to our family! We have had so much fun with her the last 6 weeks! She has the best temperament and is so smart and easy to train. She is already potty trained, leash trained and has been sleeping perfectly in her crate since the first night we brought her home. Jenn does such a great job with early training and socialization. Elle is great with our children and all of the kids in our neighborhood. Thanks to the Hinkle’s early socialization she has been amazing with children and adults of all ages. Everyone compliments us on how well behaved she is when they meet her. We also loved how we were able to see her and her siblings grow and learn their first 9 weeks. Brisby Bordoodles constantly post pictures and videos of their puppies growing and training so all of their families can feel like they are a part of their early development, especially if you live too far to visit. If you are looking to add a pup to your family, I highly recommend Jenn and her beautiful Bordoodles!

Kelly C. Indiana

June 2023


Brisby Boordles made our puppy experience a 10/10. It is tough to pick a puppy with all the scams and issues going around, but Jennifer at Brisby Bordoodles is someone you can trust and I would recommend her to ANYONE who wants a new puppy. She made the whole process wonderful and easy. Once we picked our puppy, she sent many pictures and kept us up to date with how the puppy was doing. She works with them before we even get them to ensure that they have crate training and socialization. She goes above and beyond for the puppies!

The puppy that we got from Brisby Bordoodles is so sweet, smart, healthy, and happy!!! I highly highly highly recommend Brisby Bordoodles to anyone who is interested in a new fur family member!!! Thank you Jennifer that all that you do!!

Krystn H. Michigan

November 2023


I am delighted to share my exceptional experience with the adorable puppy I recently adopted from Jennifer and her family. From the moment Riggs entered my life, Riggs has brought boundless happiness and joy to my days. This breeder's commitment to producing healthy and well-socialized puppies is truly commendable. The puppy I received is a true testament to their expertise and care. They are not only physically stunning but also possess a delightful temperament. This breeder's dedication to breeding exceptional puppies is evident in every aspect, from the puppy's health and beauty to their incredible personality. I am forever grateful for the joy and companionship this puppy has brought into my life, and I highly recommend this outstanding breeder to anyone in search of a perfect puppy. Riggs has been such a joy and can't wait for all of our adventures in the future!

Drake & Tana L. North Carolina

June 2023


We picked up our pup a month ago and he has proved to be the best little baby. Took him 2 days to learn to ring the bell to go potty and we’re accident free! He loves his kennel and often goes on his own as we leave the door open for him. Loves to go for walks, loves to play fetch, and all the sticks in the yard.. , He goes everywhere pets allowed and always gets so many compliments not only on how cute he is, but how well behaved he is! He sits and waits patiently and anxiously with his tail wagging waiting to give good morning loves to his brothers .. it’s the sweetest thing! We’re already super impressed with him and so thankful for Brisby Bordoodles for trusting us with this baby and completing our family!

Angie F. Kentucky

July 2023


Clementine has exceeded our expectations in more ways than I can count. We knew that a Bordoodle would be a smart and athletic dog which is why we chose the breed, but she is so much more than that. She is sweet, friendly, obedient and beyond cute. As a family of 5 with young children, Clementine has fit in perfectly. We are all just crazy about her. From the moment I met Jennifer and Cali and Brisby I knew we were making the right choice. Jennifer was a dream to work with from the beginning and continues to support us and check in. We feel beyond lucky to have Clem as a part of our family! 

Lauren A. Ohio

March 2023


I cannot say enough about Brisby Bordoodles. Jennifer is amazing from the start and will continue to answer questions all through the process of choosing, picking up and as the puppies transition to their new homes. The love and sensory training that she does with each litter is amazing. The puppies are crate trained and semi potty trained when you pick them up. Maisy, my choice from the OBX litter is so easy to train. She is very loving and she keeps us laughing at all her cute antics. I would 100% get another puppy from Brisby Bordoodles.

Linda H.  Texas

December 2023


Brisby Bordoodles is a labor of love for this amazing lady. Take a moment to look through Jennifer’s FB page and you’ll see everything she does to bring up happy, healthy, and well adjusted pups - from desensitizing them to blow dryers, light brushing, nail trims, and clippers, to leash and crate training. You can watch the puppies develop on a daily basis into the best of the best. I went to her farm to pick up our new baby and everything was as gorgeous as it looked online in the pics and videos. I was greeted by Brisby and Cali (the pup parents) who were incredibly sweet, and then our precious Millie. We’re so thankful to have found Jennifer and Brisby Bordoodles for our latest family addition. Millie is so smart, loving, and playful - there’s nothing better!

Rebecca J. Florida

November 2023


I absolutely love my pup I adopted from Brisby Bordoodles!! He is so sweet, intelligent, lovable, and a good listener. I have said several times what a perfect puppy he is. I was a little nervous about putting a deposit down, not meeting the pup ahead of time. But I am so glad I did. I could not be happier!! Thank you for the wonderful addition to our family!

Meagan M. Ohio

December 2023


I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with my puppy Pippin that I recently welcomed into my home from Brisby Bordoodles. Jennifer was amazing to work with. You'll know the minute you bring your puppy into your home, how much dedication and love she gives them. They have all the confidence and socialization you need to have a happy and adventurous life of unconditional love. Thanks Jennifer!

Pam S.  Wisconsin

September 2023


I highly recommend Brisby Bordoodles! I received a happy and healthy puppy named Charlie He was already potty trained and crate trained by the time I received him and he was only 8 weeks! This shows how much love, time and dedication the team has. Additionally, This is my first time raising a puppy and they are always willing to answer my questions. Communication was great the whole process and I’m two states away. Im always receiving compliments on his behavior and looks! I am so thankful for the team for my new family member and definitely will be coming to them if I decide Charlie needs a sibling!

David J.  Maryland

October 2023


This is my third puppy and it was the best experience I’ve ever had! They are very communicative and help you through every step of the way. Talia (Daisy) is absolutely adorable. She loves being around people and the basic training they provided has made it even easier to incorporate more advanced commands. I love my new puppy and would recommend Brisby to anyone looking for a Border Collie and Poodle mix! Additionally, the desensitization they go through made it a very pleasant veterinary experience.

Henry M.  Maryland

June 2023


We couldn’t be happier with our bordoodle! Brisbys bordoodles had amazing communication throughout the whole process, along with amazing options for transportation as we are 4 states away. Would highly recommend Brisbys to anybody looking for a very intelligent dog. We will 100% be using them again to get our pup a friend down the road.

Kaitlin R. Minnesota

October 2023


Only six short days into living with us, Stevie has had 0 (!!) accidents in the house, now sleeps through the night, knows her name, sits and waits to meet people and at any threshold, and comes when called. She's also picking up on loose leash walking already, and when we go for a drive in the car, she settles within minutes and goes to sleep, even on very bumpy Vermont dirt roads. She's being mostly calm and respectful around the cat, and she loves to snuggle.

Julia T.  Vermont

May 2023


Lucy has been the best addition to our little family. She is incredibly smart, easygoing, and so affectionate. We really couldn't have asked for anything more in your raising her in preparation of coming home with us. ❤️

Natalie & Quenton S. Indiana

March 2023


JoJo has been doing such a good job with her at home training! She already knows 5 commands (@ 3 months) and she's working on 2 more! She's so smart and such a good girl we feel so blessed to have her in our lives. We couldn't imagine our family without having JoJo! She made our family complete thanks to you! 

Carly T. Ohio

March 2023


If I could give 10 stars, I would! We were so fortunate to find Brisby Bordoodles and gain the newest addition to our family. Those pups were so well cared for and Jen was excellent to work with. We were grateful for the communication and updates on our puppy prior to bringing her home. Beth is such a sweet girl, she melts my heart. First thing in the morning and anytime I come home she comes right up to me, wanting to be loved on and hugged! When I last picked her up from the groomer I believe that she ran up and hugged me! She is so fun! And follows the kids everywhere. We just love her so much!

Lindsey H. Ohio

February 2023


Trey is absolutely wonderful, we just love him to pieces. He loves people and every day we get compliments on how sweet and well behaved he is! He's friendly, playful and so sweet. We can never get another dog because he is just the best! Every day he plays with the neighbor dog a few doors down and they are the best of friends! Life is just better with Trey in it! He brings a smile to all of our faces. Every. Single. Day.

Deanna A.  Illinois

January 2023

IMG_20221107_170619032_HDR (2).jpg

We got the sweetest lil boy from Brisby’s! He is absolutely the best pup and we love him so much. Hasn’t shed one piece of fur yet. just the sweetest temperament and soooo playful. Also so smart, and loves making his humans happy! They def raises these pups with love, and makes the whole process easy and exciting. I would absolutely recommend Brisby’s to all of my friends and family.

Amanda & Tyler H.  Ohio

November 2022


My son just purchased the happiest healthiest puppy from them. They had already started crate training which is amazing because the pup sleeps through the night at 8 weeks, he is just about fully potty trained, and you can tell he was loved (not just a money maker)! Would recommend Brisby Bordoodles to everyone!

Karmen J. Michigan

November 2022


My daughter and I picked up JD on 5/22/22, he is an amazing dog, very playful and friendly. Jennifer is an amazing person, she kept us updated on the puppies with videos of their progress. My husband John is enjoying JD’s company. Would recommend one of Jennifer's puppies, they are very smart and easy to train.

Lisa S. Pennsylvania

June 2022 (Picture from 2/3/2024)


Jennifer is a breeder who treats her pups and puppies as her children. She is very transparent about their genetics, health and history. She breeds beautiful Bordoodles from her Border Collie male and female standard poodle, on her families farm in a rural Columbus town. She practices Puppy Culture protocol in the 9 weeks she keeps the pups before going home with their families.

Mary Anne B. Ohio

April 2022


Jennifer has been very good with taking pictures and videos for the pet owners. We get to see how they are doing. She is very easy to work with. She takes up a lot of time with them. She treats the puppies like family.

Lyn F. Georgia

May 2022


I got my beautiful Topaz on May 16th. She Is so smart and well behaved. Jenn really did a great job socializing her and preparing her come to my home which made for an easy transition. I couldn't have picked a better puppy and breeder. I am incredibly thankful for everything . I am on the wait list to get a little girl for my great friend because Topaz is just so amazing!

Tiffany D. Ohio

May 2022

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